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Message of Iran-NADO Secretary General

Today, it is proved that one of the best ways of preventing spread of the
use of performance-enhancing and doping substances by athletes is providing
education, building related culture and information dissemination. About
3,000 educational courses on campaign against doping and
performance-enhancing substances as well as sports injuries, nutrition,
physiotherapy, massage and sports psychology are annually arranged in about
660 cities all over the country. About 15 out of 75 Iranian populations are
engaged in public sports with 2.5 million others being active as organized
athletes in the semi-professional, professional and championship sports,
getting sports insurance coverage of the Sports Medicine Federation of the
Islamic Republic of Iran.
Iran, a country enjoying about 20,000 private and public sports clubs, has been able to stand as a successful and pioneering country in Asia in terms
of campaign against doping, preventing speedy growth in doping cases.
Observing WADA code and laws, acting in coordination with the UNESCO in
implementing WADA macro policies, and actively participating in the meeting
of the Asia-Pacific sports ministers, especially in the joint meetings of
WADA and other international conventions, are one of the ways for success
of Iran-NADO. This will strongly serve as a pioneer in this end.
The first phase of Iran Doping Laboratory opened in 2006 in presence of the
WADA Secretary-Geneal David Howman and some of the members and specialists.
We are now busy at work to mobilize, put into operation and receive
necessary licenses from WADA to officially inaugurate Iran Doping
Laboratory in the near future.
Dr. Lotfali Pour-Kazemi
President of Sports Medicine Federation of the Islamic Republic of Iran
Secretary General of Iran-NADO
President of Medical Commission of NOC

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